About Us



Greetings! My name is Yvonne Pedersen- Founder/CEO of Yves Afro Events. I am an African culture and lifestyle enthusiast and a philanthropist with a mission to promote Africa and its culture in the diaspora, especially Scandinavia. My passion for Africa can be seen in my charity work in Ghana and my involvement with activities that promote Africa whiles also raising awareness on issues concerning integration in my community.

My goal is to identify, locate, and link my clients to needed African related resources.  I collaborate, connect and expose people to African cultures and lifestyles through events and business partnerships.

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about Africa, promoting your ‘African-Centric’ business and services or an African artist who wants to showcase your talent, Do not hesitate to link up with us !

Yves Afro Events serves as a platform to expose you to a targeted market, we are the HUB for all things Africa.

Yves Afro Events is the founder of PAN AFRICAN FESTIVAL DENMARK.



We assist with services that are ideal for small and medium businesses who want to benefit from marketing their products, services, events, or businesses. We offer some fresh ideas on how to make your event or business promotion more exciting and interactive. We will develop a tailored marketing plan for your campaign. Our process is simply to help develop a unique plan and execution. 



 Event services
At Yves Afro Events, our high-end party planning and event service is aimed strictly at the private client who wishes to entertain their friends and family in a way that will resonate positively for years. Our team of party planners will offer you a constructive yet very inspirational guidance at the planning stage, and then we will with due consultation plan everything for you all the way down to the last detail
We are renowned experts in designing home-based exotic and continental parties at venues of your choice or by our recommendation. You will enjoy a stress-free party as we handle all the necessary details, providing full event management of catering, entertainment, production, decoration and transport if necessary.


Artist & Business Collaborations

Yves Afro Events is dedicated to promoting African Music, African Culture, African Events and Organizing quality concerts, African house parties and festivals in scandinavia, and the rest of europe with the aim of boosting the image of AFRICA. Together we can bring your vision to life.

Business and Event marketing &Promotion

Are you an Afro- centric business owner? Are you planning to host an Afro-Centric event? We might just be the right people to talk to. We aspire to help Afro-Centric businesses thrive in the diaspora! We will use our platform and network to help promote and advertise your projects.

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